The second book does have maps at the beginning - Lebasi has started to understand some geography, and Tik knows her own piece of land in every detail.

A story about a country needs a map. There is no map in the first book because Lebasi isn't allowed one and starts out knowing no geography at all, but Laszlo the Mapdrawer entered a couple of beautiful maps for the illustration competition and he has done two more for the website.

The town almost dead centre of this map is Lebasi's home, Trengam. To the west is Nampetch, and north of that is Marstor. Beyond the end of the mountains, by the sea, is the remains of an ancient city that once stood beyond the Westwall at the mouth of the river that bounds the wilderness. The Westwall runs down from the end of the last mountain, the Eagle's Nest, into the sea.

In Fire and Water, Tik and Lebasi are on the move across Xessus, and I decided that we really need maps to help the reader - even if the characters are still not sure about where they are going.

This is where the story begins - the road between Trengam and Nampetch, and the border stones at the col in the hills.