The days in Xessus are organised into ‘eightnights’. The days are named for the five tribes of Xessus, representing what the Xessans traditionally regarded as the five elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Mind, together with the Sun and Moon and the King.

The first day of the week is Sunsday, which is a free day for those under the age of seventeen. Firesday is a day of working in apprenticeships or in the fields; Airsday and Watersday are school days; then Moonsday, which is another freeday, followed by Earthsday, and Mindsday, also school days. The last day of the week is Kingsday, another work and apprenticeship day.

There are forty-five eightnights in a year. This leaves five ‘special days’ that are not part of the normal round – days of celebration and feasting. There are two at the midwinter solstice, when the season changes from ‘dry winter’ to ‘wet winter’ (eight eightnights during which some rain falls on Xessus – hardly any falls in the rest of the year), and three at the summer solstice.